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How do you replicate "great"? SecondBody lets you step into the shoes of the highest-performing sellers, and practice doing exactly what they do.

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The "forgetting curve" is costing you time and deals. Boost learning retention, so you and your team can be at the next level in weeks, not months.

Create your catalog of real scenarios

Those example videos you have in a folder? Turn them into simulations for practice. Now, a rep's first meeting can feel like their ninety-first.

People are more into learning through SecondBody. As a manager, I've just saved 3-4 hours per week.

Omid Mael, Sales & Enablement Manager @ Livestorm
Increase in ACV
Weeks of Practice

Hear how one team improved learning retention, and started closing bigger deals

The manager

Omid Mael
Sales & Enablement Manager, Livestorm

The sellers

Jennifer Owen & Marissa Jesse
Account Executives, Livestorm

This is going to be a must-have tool for any company with a scaling sales team. It will fundamentally change the way we onboard, train, and upskill our sales reps.

Mariah Donelly, Senior Sales Manager @ Greenhouse

⏩ You just hit your sales team's fast-forward button

It takes months for sellers to onboard + upskill.
Time to speed up the clock.

“I will be bringing this to my next sales org. ZERO hesitation.”
Kevin "KD" Dorsey
LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, SVP of Sales, Bench
“This will fundamentally change how we onboard, train, and upskill our sales reps.”
Mariah Donnelly
Dir. of Sales Dev, Greenhouse
"I've been waiting for something like this for years."
Chuck Marcouiller
VP of Rev. Enablement, FreightWaves
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